Hear What our Patients Have To Say


Sarah M.

“Dr. Jason M. Feuerman now practices in Austin, Texas with the Eye Institute of Austin. It’s a cliche to say the proof is in the pudding, but now I see well after his doing surgery on my eye whereas before I did not. He was recommended to me by a retina specialist as someone able to help me when another doctor did not want to do cataract surgery on my problem eye. I found Dr. Feuerman to be both competent and caring, and I am grateful beyond words for his expertise.”

Trey R.

“The office staff is very courteous and helpful especially to seniors. They are also willing to work with you to establish payment Arrangements if necessary. They are always very prompt in ordering my replacement contacts.”


John W.

“I recently had a problem with my eye late on Thursday night. Scared the heck out of me. Called Dr Rylander on Friday morning, had an urgent appt scheduled an hour later. Great doctor and staff. Has been my eye doc for 15 years. Would highly recommend for diabetics and their annual exams.”


Robyn B.

“Dr. Lori Murphy saved my vision!

I had gone here last year and had a good experience with Dr. Murphy – my first impression was that she was intelligent, friendly and interacts very well with her patients.  So when I started noticing some changes to my vision a year later, I didn’t hesitate to make an appointment with Dr. Murphy.  The news wasn’t good – Dr. Murphy told me she needed to refer me to a retina specialist and stood beside me while the front desk clerk made an appointment at [another five star facility] that very next morning.  Dr. Murphy knew what I would need, and referred me to the best dr. in town that she knew. They set up an appointment for the next morning.  Now, three weeks later, I am one week post op, and doing exceptionally well.  I will be telling her in person next time I see her, but for now must resort to singing her praises here on Yelp.   Thank you Dr. Murphy!”


Ann D.

“Successful cataract surgery! I’m grateful to Dr. Todd Smith, who listened and answered and listened and answered with great patience and RESPECT.”


Cathy S.

“I am a patient new to Dr. Rylander.  He is great: knowledgeable and very caring. The staff was wonderful (I feel bad I didn’t get some names so I could call them out).
About two weeks after I saw Dr. Rylander, my old glasses just fell apart.  I emphasize that these were glasses I have had for many years from my previous ophthalmologist and optician in Corpus Christi. Looking rather pathetic in my even older glasses, I went to Armando at the Optical Department there at the eye institute.  I showed him my broken glasses and asked if there was anything he could do. After he took them apart, cleaned them, and put them together again, he re-fitted them on me. Then he took the “even older” glasses and cleaned them and readjusted them.
This group receives my highest recommendation. They are the BEST!”


Helen J.

“I’ve been having my annual appointments at Eye Institute since they started their group on West Anderson Lane. Dr. Gary Rylander did cataract surgeries for me, and the results couldn’t have been better.”