Cataract Evaluation & Treatment


Cataract Evaluation and Surgery

Cataract evaluation is done either during a regular complete eye exam or by specific patient referral.  A cataract is an opacification or clouding of the crystalline lens within the eye, which may prevent a clear image from forming on the retina.  Common symptoms from cataracts include blurred vision, glare complaints and difficulty with nighttime vision.  Most adults will develop some signs of cataract formation, and in cases where the symptoms affect or interfere with one’s daily routine, treatment can be beneficial to reverse the cataract-related vision loss.  All cataracts are treated with a minimally invasive surgical procedure by removing the cataractous lens and placing an intraocular lens implant within the eye.  Several measurements of the eye are obtained in the office to help select which lens implant will be used in surgery. While surgery has an exceptionally high success rate, it is still important to discuss the proposed treatment with your physician to determine if cataract surgery is an appropriate procedure for you.

Drs. R. Todd Smith, Steven H. McKinley, Lori M. Murphy, and Dr. Jason Feuerman are our physicians who perform cataract surgery.